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organOur body consists of different organ systems, each with its own function, but working together both directly and indirectly. Our body will not remain healthy if any organs are not functioning well or are damaged.

Biology experts have found that drinking high quality water is critical to the healthy functioning of our organ systems, as water is one of the main mechanisms that help to regulate each system. Two thirds of the human body is made up of water. People can survive for quite a long time if they don't have any food to eat, but they die immediately (within a few days) if they don't have any water to drink. This is because the human body is not able to function without enough water. The exact estimate of the amount of water in each organ system varies, but they are quite similar overall. For example, 95% of the brain is comprised of water, 82% of the blood is water, 90% of the lungs, 22% of bones, and 75% of muscle.


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