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Why should I drink Vital Premium Water?
Vital Premium Water is produced from state of the art machinery and high graded materials.
Vital Premium Water has adopted international standards, and as of today, we can say that we are the only local company the product of which is accepted by foreign country.

Where can I get information about purchasing Vital Premium Water?
Please contact our Customer Service via 023 864 222 / 333
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Vital website: www.vitalpremiumwater.com
Vital FaceBook.
Vital sale staffs.

Does Vital offer special price toward retailer?
Yes we do. It always a mutual benefit. For more info, pleases contact our customer service.

Does Vital make house delivery for 20L?
Yes, Vital make house delivery for 20L.
For More details, please contact our customer service.

What's Vital 25 Khmer Riel?
25 Khmer Riel for single bottle sale:
Through this 25 Riel program, we has contributed $8,000 to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces stationed at the frontline via Bayon Foundation
Donated TWO 15-seat-vans to General Directorate on 22nd April 2011.
$10,000 contributed to Cambodian Red Cross on 3rd May, 2011
Contributed 1,000 rain coats to the Commissariat of National Police in Phnom Penh on 2nd July, 2011
Started collaboration with National Blood Transfusion Center to recruit and promote Blood Donors since 27th July, 2011 and up-to-date, we recruited over 2,000 blood donors.

What is the meaning of Vital brand name?
Vital is a combination of "Vitalize and Talent". Vitalize means to endow with life, to make lively or vigorous. Water vitalizes our bodies, keeping us fresh and strong. Talent means a special aptitude or faculty.


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